Our Impact - ONDA
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ONDA is proud to partner with Quali Group to bring their products to the US market. Their fair trade supply chain supports the growth of amaranth, one of the only crops that thrives in the arid climate of the Mexican highlands. It is our hope that by introducing an American audience to amaranth-based foods, we can further Quali’s work in improving the economy and biodiversity of the territories.


Women feed the world, but reap few economic or social gains as a result. ONDA wants to change that.


Food is the universal language. Dishes tell their eaters stories about the people and places where they come from. Despite our interconnectedness, however, these stories often get lost in translation. ONDA wants to change that.


The import-export food industry is dominated by large companies with access to technology and distribution channels that small producers lack, which renders them unable to compete. ONDA wants to change that too.


We want to 1. provide our customers with interesting, traditional foods from around the world and 2. help women expand their production of traditional, value-added food products. To achieve these twin goals, ONDA partners with small businesses abroad to increase their capacity and to connect them with corporate buyers in the U.S.


Ultimately, ONDA aspires to build a global network of female producers and to offer an international portfolio of gourmet food products available in the U.S. market. ONDA aspires to lift as many boats as possible.